How much does it cost to charge your KIA EV6 at home

Charging an electric vehicle is surprisingly inexpensive. If the cost of a charge varies considerably depending on multiple parameters, such as: the place of residence, the electricity supplier and the charging location, one thing is certain: the overall cost is significantly lower than that of refueling a vehicle with petrol or diesel. Let’s take a closer look at this for the KIA EV6…

Kia EV6 Charging Features

The Kia EV6 is the brand’s first electric car based on the E-GMP electric platform. Designed with Hyundai, it inherits a 77.4 kWh battery. Installed flat under the floor, it allows 528 km of autonomy in the WLTP mixed cycle on the most efficient version. Equipped with an 800-volt operating device, the Kia EV6 accepts up to 240 kW of direct current power. What to insure 10-80% charge in just 18 minutes.

The location of the Kia EV6 vehicle connector: rear right side.

Accelerated AC charging

  • AC connector: Type 2
  • power max. AC: 11 kW – Three phase

DC fast charge

  • DC connector: CCS Combo
  • power max. CD: 233kW

Note: The cable with the Combo CCS connector is still attached to the terminal.

KIA Charge Rates

Kia offers with its electric sedan a year of subscription to the Ionity Power offer (13 € / month beyond). It allows toaccess the Ionity network at a preferential rate (0.29 €/min VS 0.79 €/min without subscription).

To find out about KIA charging offers, it’s here.

What is the cost of Kia EV6 charging?

Cost of public charging

Some public places offer free charging for the Kia EV6 electric car. Then there are many chargeable charging networks. He is very difficult to estimate the price of a refill because it can be based on the charging session, the charging time or even the recovered kWh.

If you need or want to charge your electric vehicle on the way, charging prices vary depending on the type of charge but it is also possible to find free charging stations. Some brands, for example, offer their customers the possibility of recharge for free in their car park.

Chargemap is a community service that references all public charging stations and offers a payment solution for Kia EV6.

Cost of charging at home or at work

Thanks to a terminal connected to the electrical network of the home or the place of work, you can recharge the Kia EV6 car with a tariff charged by the electricity supplier.

In France, the average price for one kWh of electricity is 0.169€.

Principal residence

Whether you are the owner, tenant or occupant free of charge of your main residence, in individual housing or in co-ownership, benefit from the tax credit for the acquisition and installation of charging systems for electric vehicle. Secondary residences are also eligible on the basis of only one per taxpayer. This new government scheme makes it possible to cover 75% of the amount spent devoted to the installation of a charging station for an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, within the limit of 300 €.

Company or community

In the case of a company, a community or co-ownership, there is another device: the ADVENIR bonus. This covers the costs of supplying and installing a charging point up to 30% for company fleet car parks and 50% for collective residential. Ceilings have been set according to the type of beneficiary and facility.

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