How healthy eating can reduce the risk of depression

The Mediterranean diet favoring, in particular, fish, vegetables and olive oil, has a protective effect against anxiety and depression. Anton –

DECRYPTION – Psychonutrition studies the growing links between mental health and diet.

War in Ukraine, climate change, risk of a new wave of Covid… The stressful news of the start of the school year risks weighing on the morale of the French and aggravating anxiety and depressive disorders. What if the remedy to fight gloom was on our plates? Indeed, we now know that our diet influences our mental health. This has even given rise to a discipline in its own right: psychonutrition. Thus, diets high in processed, fried foods, refined grains, and sugars have been shown to be associated with increased depressive symptoms. “This Western diet disrupts our microbiota (these billions of bacteria and micro-organisms populate our intestine Ed) and promotes inflammation. The latter makes the bed of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer. But what is less known is that it can also reach the brain and promote the Depression», explain it…

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