The American group Amazon has found a way to avoid paying the commissions imposed by another GAFA, alias Google.

Posted on 05-10-2022 by Nolwenn Guengan

Google takes commissions on sales made through its Play Store and that’s not for everyone. At Amazon, we found the solution to the problem. The American giant has simply decided to block purchases of digital goods on its Amazon Shopping application. For example, it is not possible to buy digital books for the Kindle reader. As a reminder, the commissions charged by Google are equal to 30%. In some cases, they are lower (15%).

Head to the Amazon website

But then, what to do when you want to make a purchase on Amazon Shopping? As explained by BBCthe button used to confirm an order has been replaced by an invitation to go to where you can make your purchases. Amazon also offers to click on a link that leads to explanations of these new rules. In particular, it is written that to remain in compliance with the rules of the Google Play Store, it is no longer possible to buy new content from the Amazon Shopping application. However, you can create a playlist on the application and then make purchases directly on the Amazon website through your browser. For the time being, only this application is concerned but the new policy could be extended to Amazon Kindle.

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