How does the detoxification cure work?

The detoxification cure is a fasting diet in which only one special drink is drunk. The drink consists of lemon juice, chilli, cayenne, maple syrup and water, which is why this cure is also called lemon diet, lemon juice diet Where lemon water diet. Learn all about the origin, effects and application of the lemon diet.

What is the Lemon Diet?

the lemon diet was intended to cure people of stomach ulcers. Invented by American naturopath Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s, he gave it the name Master Cleanse Diet. His magic formula was not only a remedy, but also a practical method for weight loss.

Recipe of the lemon juice diet drink :

2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice (freshly squeezed).

2 tablespoons of real maple syrup.

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper.

300 milliliters of cold or lukewarm water.

How does the lemon diet work?

The diet is divided into three phases that last a total of ten days. During the strict phase of lemon diet, only the drink mentioned above is consumed each time you are hungry. Solid foods are prohibited during this period. The body must be detoxified and rid of waste. Since a 200 milliliter drink contains about 220 kilocalories, you will also lose weight during this fasting period.

Each drink component has its own purpose:

Lemon: Citrus is a traditional remedy that contains vitamin C for strengthen the immune system and potassium for contraction of muscle and nerve functionsas well as antibacterial, digestive and anti-fat properties.

Maple syrup: The sap of the plant contains the sweeteners sucrose and fructose as well as some minerals. It provides carbohydrates to maintain circulation.

Cayenne pepper: It boosts metabolism, promotes digestion and relieves internal tension.

Instructions for use of lemon diet

the lemon diet plan is the following: The lemon juice diet begins with three days of rest, that is, the daily amount of food is reduced. Eat only vegetables and whole grains for the first of three days. Reduce your intake of broths and juices on the second day and limit yourself to orange juice on the third day.

Then comes the phase of lemon juice drink pure four days. During this time, you should either take an herbal laxative in the evening or a saline rinse in the morning, consisting of water and sea salt. Both of these methods are designed to stimulate daily bowel movements.

After the pure lemon diet, slowly begin to return to solid foods over three days. In the reverse direction of how you started. This means: on the first day after that you drink only orange juice, on the second day fruit and vegetable juices and soup broth. From the third day you can eat solid food again.

Wait at least 60 days after starting a primary cleansing regimen before starting a new one.

What does the lemon diet bring to the body?

You will definitely lose weight due to the low daily caloric intake. Depending on the individual constitution, this can be six to twelve kilos in ten days.

Weight loss is only seen as a side effect with fasting cures like this. Rather, it is about renunciation as a whole and relieving the body.

Disadvantages of the lemon juice cure

  • It takes a strong will to follow the lemon diet. If you go back to your old unhealthy eating pattern after the cleanse is over and feast again, a yo-yo effect is very likely.
  • Citric acid and sugar can also damage tooth enamel.
  • Such fasting cures are generally not recommended if you already suffer from diseases such as anorexia, liver or kidney failure.

Conventional medicine criticizes the lemon diet.

Due to the feared negative health effects, the lemon diet is only aimed at losing weight quickly. Since only a mixture of lemon juice is consumed for several days, the body is exposed to a deficiency, almost only carbohydrates, no fat or protein, too few vitamins and minerals.

If you still want to try the Lemon Diet, you need to do so with caution, perhaps replacing only one or two meals a day with the drink, and then consciously eating a varied, balanced, and healthy diet.

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