How do I turn in late work on Google Classroom on time?

Ever since the pandemic hit, people have been using Google Classroom to keep in touch with their schools/universities. Teachers also use this educational app to make it easier for students to hand in their homework, get regular updates for exams, get study materials, take online courses and receive other school-related notifications from a single platform.


Turn in late work on Google Classroom on time

Google Classroom keeps releasing new features to make it easier for teachers to keep track of homework.

Sometimes students aren’t able to complete their assignments on time, or they just forget to upload them to Google Classroom.

However, late submission of an assignment can result in a loss of a few points in the student’s grades. With new features in Google Classroom, teachers can now see if students have submitted their assignments late. They receive an overdue notification with the submitted assignments.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn in your late work on Google Classroom on time. If you’re past the deadline, the assignment will upload to Google Classroom but with a message that says “work overdue.”
turn in a late work on Google Classroom on time

The best you can do is note the due date for the assignment and complete it before the deadline. This way you can turn in your homework on time and get full marks for finishing on time.

However, if for some reason you can’t turn in the assignment on time, use the private chat feature to connect with the teacher and explain why you couldn’t turn in the assignment on time. . This is the only way to get good grades for your work, even if it is marked as late.

If you turn in an assignment late in Google Classroom, can teachers still see the exact time you turned it in?

If the student submits the assignment after the due date, the assignment will be downloaded with a “submitted late” message appearing in the corner. If the teacher has enabled late submission notification, they will receive a notification that says “submitted late”.

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