How can you blur your home so it doesn’t show up on Street View?

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published by Felix Mouraille on June 04, 2022 at 1:31 p.m.

By going to Google Street Viewyou can also see the house of Lionel Messi or even a rabbit who thinks he is Superman. But if you don’t want everyone to be able to see your property, there’s a technique to “disappear” you from the app. Google.

We can see your house on Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to enter a route with precise points of a supermarket, a service station or even a bakery. With its function street viewit is even possible to visualize a place in 360°. With a small orange character, you can “walk” anywhere.

This is possible through the recovery of photos and shots. A ” google car roams the streets of the world. And, a tool allows to model buildings, roads, fields and even forests.

Google launches this virtual navigation service in 2007. But some have not seen this concept with a very good eye and want their property to be blurred.

Google has permission to photograph public areas but not private areas. Despite that, the search engine reveals private places on Street View. When taking the 360° photo, private elements may appear.

For malicious people, it is a tool to locate interesting places or objects. That’s why there is a feature to blur your home on Google Street View.

Google Street View: the technique to remove your home

To delete the view of your home or your car you must obviously connect to Google Maps and enter their address. Then you have to take the orange character (bottom right) and position it on your address. You can readjust your position with the two arrows if your location is not exact.

We always stay at the bottom right. But this time, report a problem. A small red square will then appear on the image, you have to check the blurring request and send their email address. Google will consider your request and agree (or not) to permanently blur your house.

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