Hopium Machina: the French Tesla takes a step ahead of Renault and Peugeot!

Hopium will unveil its new hydrogen-powered luxury concept Machina Vision at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. This 100% French model will be one step ahead of electric models from Renault and Peugeot.

A year after unveiling its first hydrogen-powered Hopium Machina concept car, the French premium model maker has unveiled the second concept, dubbed the new Hopium Machina Vision Concept. However, its official debut will be at the Paris Motor Show from October 17-23.

It is a luxurious model with an avant-garde design both inside and out, with some influence from electric car brands such as Tesla, Lucid Motors and Porsche, brought carefully by FĂ©lix Godard, the ex-designer of all these brands. The Hopium Machina, the first French hydrogen sedan, is five meters long, reflecting a futuristic style with very wavy shapes for better aerodynamics. The doors open on approach, thus accentuating the sporty and luxurious spirit of this car.

Inside this large luxury 4-door GT is a huge screen that spans the A-pillars. The latter offers a lot of information and has different display modes, thus offering digitization and connectivity at the highest level. All materials and components used in the design of the cabin are of the highest quality. The Hopium Machina uses a special platform with hydrogen cells and two 500 hp electric motors, which generate a range of 1,000 kilometers.

Although the first units will not be delivered to their owners before 2025, nearly 1,100 pre-orders for the Hopium Machina, marketed at a price of 125,000 euros, have already been registered. The official presentation of the revolutionary model will take place at the Paris Motor Show next October.

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