Hollywood content for Apple’s mixed reality headset?

We no longer had too many illusions, but it seems more and more obvious that Apple will not unveil its mixed reality headset during the WWDC22 keynote. Although rumors have announced that work is now progressing at full speed, the New York Times today puts a layer on the probable absence of presentation of the device next Monday.

According to sources from the daily, problems related to the battery would be the cause of a postponement of the launch next year. This is not a surprise given all that we have previously heard.

WWDC22: participation of Apple headphones still uncertain

What is more interesting is that Apple would have asked Jon Favreau and other Hollywood oils to develop content suitable for augmented and virtual reality. In the case of the director of Iron Manit would be about designing something around the dinodocu prehistoric planet which would have (we obviously have no figures) carded on Apple TV +. Favreau is the producer of the series.

A little hug before WWDC.

Apple would seek to offer as much content as possible for the launch of the headphones, a desire facilitated by its connections with the film industry through its streaming service.

However, we should not leave empty-handed during the upcoming WWDC. In addition to iOS 16 and other major updates to its operating systems (and perhaps the MacBook Air), Apple could unveil new tools allowing applications to be used more easily without digital interactions. Are we talking about realityOS?

“realityOS” makes its mark, a presentation at WWDC?

“realityOS” makes its mark, a presentation at WWDC?

According to NYT, it would be new capabilities to activate shortcuts using Siri and QR codes. These interactions would eventually make it possible to generate a “hands-free” interface that would better adapt to the future helmet.


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