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Closing party 2022! it is with these words that Google welcomes you to the home page of its search engine with its festive logo. A Doodle that is not present for everyone, depending on whether you arrive from the default Chrome home page or from the page. Moreover, it is not animated every time, although it would like to be bright, although we must be aware of our electricity consumption in the coming days.

Doodle Holidays 2022 on Google

If you go to the homepage of your favorite search engine (unless it’s Google), you may have noticed that the latter’s usual logo has been replaced by an animated Doodle in celebration of the end of the year. On the other hand, the latter appears on some screens only with a fixed image and not like the illustration in our article. And for others there is none at all, although the latter seems to be present in many countries.


In the animation, we can see the letters of the word Google forming a luminous garland that blinks one after the other, some look like light bulbs, some don’t. On the new tab page of the Chrome browser, on the other hand, there is no animation, just an image with the word Google decorated with the same bright wreath. And do not look for the explanation of this Doodle on the side of the advent calendar, because the latter always begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and this year it fell on Sunday, November 27, to end on Saturday, December 24. As a reminder, it is the time when Christians await the coming of Christ that is celebrated at Christmas. The word “advent” comes from the Latin “adventus”, which means arrival, coming.

The history of the Advent calendar

For the record, the advent calendar as we know it today is a tradition of Germanic origin that aims to make children wait for Christmas. This reflects the expectations of Christians during the Advent season on Christmas Eve. This type of calendar originates from Germany. Indeed, from the 19th century it was a tradition in this country to give children pious pictures every morning for the 24 or 25 days before Christmas. As Wikipedia explains: The calendar often takes the form of a sheet of cardboard, in which 24 (or more rarely 25) windows are pre-cut, which are opened gradually, one per day. You can then read a sentence from the Gospel or take what it contains. “.


Some calendars that are closer to the original idea do not always have 24 days, but a number of days that varies between 22 and 28 depending on which day Christmas falls on (on which the Advent season depends). A tradition that still continues today, and which has become a little too commercial for some people’s taste. Some will say that the holidays are ahead of time, for others this Sunday will rhyme especially with Christmas gift shopping.

Anyway, a Doodle” Closing party 2022 “which suggests that we will be entitled to other activities before the end of the year and, above all, that Christmas is fast approaching. In the meantime, we can almost say that Google has once again taken a step forward this year to wish us a Merry Christmas.

(Illustration: Google Doodle screenshot)


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