Here’s what the loops on your shopping cart at the supermarket are for?

I’ve always wondered about supermarket shopping cart loops. Now is the time to solve this mystery!

And speaking of long grocery lists, how do you keep meat, snacks, fruit, and flavorful items separate during shopping? You’re using grocery cart loops! You didn’t see it coming, did you?

This is the real difference between grocery stores and supermarkets.

No, it is not for car seats.

The loops of supermarket shopping carts are usually located on the back of the child seat. Look for one or two small half loops. But what can they be used for? The answer is so simple that we can’t believe we haven’t thought of it before. They are used to hold your shopping bags… no kidding!

It’s important to keep your items as organized as possible, especially with increasingly larger shopping carts. You know how to keep soft, crushable bread and delicate eggs away from orange juice and gallons of milk? I certainly didn’t write broken eggs on my list! That’s why the loops are so convenient: place your heaviest items on the bottom of the cart and your more fragile items on the seat and the loops.

And There you go ! No more falling bags, crushed groceries, and items tumbling all over the car’s path.

The metal hooks on supermarket shopping carts can be used to hang your handbags, a coat or anything that gets in the way while you shop.

It’s really the perfect place to have visibility on your purse and do your shopping at the same time in complete safety.

There is also another use for these hooks. They have been placed in this place to hang the bags in which there are products that you have previously purchased in another store, if the supermarket allows you to enter.

This allows you to differentiate your retail shopping from your external purchases. These metal hooks keep you from mixing up groceries you’re doing in the supermarket with purchases you’ve made before.

To unlock a shopping cart found in supermarkets or hypermarkets, you must have a token, a 50 cent, 1 euro or 2 euro coin.

If you happen to forget your supermarket token or you don’t have any change, here’s a tip for having a cashless shopping cart.

To get your shopping cart without which you could not do all your shopping, you can use a small item the size of a coin.

Use for example a button or even a key. Insert the key from the rounded side into the slot where you had to put your token.

If you don’t have any of these items, you can ask store employees or security guards to provide you with tokens.

shopping cart

Even better, if you have tickets, you can also ask for change to get some coins.

To do your shopping, there’s nothing like a good organization so you don’t forget anything in your supermarket shopping cart. You now know all its secrets, all you have to do is use it wisely.

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