Here’s (possibly) the most expensive Apple computer ever

When you think of Apple, a face necessarily comes to mind: that of Steve Jobs. The founder of the apple brand left its mark on it. Died in 2011, this entrepreneur to whom many attribute the qualifier of “genius” fascinates.

All the objects or tools that belonged to the former CEO of Apple are selling today at exorbitant prices. This list could soon grow with a computer, which would thus become the most expensive Apple product ever sold.

A working, autographed Apple-1

Belonging today to Roger Wagner, who bought it in 2003, the computer, an Apple-1 will be put up for auction by the house RR Auction. But there are two things that could make this computer sell for gold. Indeed, Wagner explained that the latter was still functional, a very rare thing.

Expertise by Corey Cohen, the latter gave the score of 7/10 to the computer. This evaluation obviously increases the price by several thousand euros, but even more it is a small handwritten engraving on the board which interests the whole world and which could make this Apple-1, one of the most expensive computers of all the temperature.

Indeed, it turns out that this computer was numbered by Steve Jobs himself during its assembly. This computer is therefore estimated at 450,000 dollars, a staggering price for such a product and which demonstrates the power of the fascination that still hesitates around Steve Jobs, more than 10 years after his death.

A multi-thousand-dollar copy of The Times

Note that the auction should also be an opportunity to acquire a copy of the Magazine Times of February 5, 1982, offering its front page to a very young Steve Jobs, still mustachioed and hairy. This number is also autographed by the main interested party, which makes the whole point of the sale.

As with the Apple-1 computer, the auction will end on June 23. Experts estimate that this issue of The Times should sell for $25,000. – Official App

By: Keleops AG

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