Here’s how to make karaoke on Apple TV

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The Apple TV is no longer the “hobby” of the manufacturer as Steve Jobs liked to say, it has become an important product in the range and which centralizes many functions at home. If it’s the best way to enjoy the latest movies, series, music and games on the big screen, did you know that the box is also able to turn into karaoke? This is because Apple’s set-top box has a synced song lyrics playback feature in the built-in Music app. Only one detail is missing, the synchronous highlighting of words.

Set Apple TV to Karaoke Mode

Contents :

  1. How to enable song lyrics
  2. How to mute the lyrics of a song
  3. How to Find Lines in Song Lyrics
  4. Let’s go for karaoke

How to Enable Song Lyrics on Apple TV

If your Apple TV is running tvOS 13 or higher, then you are eligible for songs when played using the Apple Music app. However, the Apple TV screensaver will quickly hide the lyrics unless you change a setting.

  • Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  • Click General.
  • Click Screen Saver.
  • Click on “Show during music and podcasts” to toggle it on Nope.

With this setting, the Apple TV screen saver will not display during music and podcasts. Therefore, you will see the song lyrics when you use the Music app.

Next, to enable song lyrics in the Music app on Apple TV, play music and then press the button. Menu of your Siri Remote. Then activate the lyrics by clicking on the icon in question on the right.

apple tv tvos 13 apple music lyrics

How to turn off song lyrics on Apple TV

Just like turning on song lyrics, turning it off is a breeze.

When a song is playing on Apple TV, press the button Menu on your Siri Remote. Scroll down and click the lyrics icon in the top right of the screen to turn off the lyrics.

How to Find Lines in Song Lyrics on Apple TV

When music is playing on your Apple TV, you can let the lyrics play or go to a specific location. Just use the remote control to move up and down to your desired location.

Let’s go for karaoke on Apple TV

There you go, you’re ready to organize your karaoke party at any time in seconds thanks to your Apple TV. The trick works on all models like Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K. Again, the only downside is that it doesn’t highlight every word in progress in the song like you find in good old bars. If you lack this, then you will have to download a third-party app like Smule.

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