Here is the method for a perfect homemade pizza

Pizza is so much a food we love to eat that we don’t even really think about how it’s made. And yet, there is a special way to make the tastiest pizza at home.

More and more, we talk about pizza dough on poolish. A funny term which simply means a dough prepared with a pre-fermentation which will last 12h to 15h and even 48h (but then it is more complicated to knead) and which contains very little yeast. ” By definition, poolish pizza dough is sourdough. This technique of prefermentation is made of a mixture of equal parts of flour and water, as well as a little yeast. It gives the dough beautiful cells, great elasticity and a tasty taste.“, informs the culinary blogger Ricardo Cuisine.

In fact, it gives the dough a terrific taste as the flavors when poolish have developed, with a crispy and very airy crust.
A poolish pizza dough is easy to make, although there are a few precautions to take compared to a standard dough and it takes time. Here is on his blog, Ricardo’s recipe. In fact, it is a question of preparing a poolish (about 40% flour, 60% water and a little instant yeast) which will bubble and triple over time and make it the basis of a new dough. pizza to be used directly afterwards.

And if you don’t want to get into a pizza dough or bread on poolish, you can go to Standard which offers special pizzas with precisely this particular sourdough dough (Our article on this restaurant is HERE) or go to Delhaize for a ball of organic sourdough pizza dough (2.05€).

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