Here are the symptoms to recognize it in children?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the bronchi. But how can we recognize it in children? What are the symptoms ? And what are the different treatments that exist? On the occasion of World Asthma Day, which will take place on May 3, our colleagues from FemmeActuelle interviewed Dr. Maxime Hosotte, allergist at the Gentilly polyclinic. The Leenkus editorial team takes stock!

Asthma in children!

According to the Health Insurance website… In France, 10% of schoolchildren suffer from asthma. In fact, according to Dr. Maxime Hosotte, allergist at the polyclinic of Gentilly, this chronic inflammatory pathology of the bronchi can therefore affect children at any age.

Unfortunately, severe asthmatic diseases often occur in the little ones. Even in infants. They therefore tend to evolve well, as Dr. Maxime Hosotte asserts to our colleagues. “The earlier the forms of asthma are and are therefore treated early, the lower the risk of occurrence and persistence in adulthood”. But what are the manifestations of asthma in children?

Asthma in children… the symptoms to recognize!

Asthma in children… the symptoms to recognize!

Indeed, in the smallest children, the symptoms of asthma are essentially the same as in adults. In particular, there may be a cough, sometimes accompanied by wheezing, difficulty breathing, or even chest tightness. However, some differences exist.

“Like all pathologies in children, the presentations are a little more specific” specifies the specialist. Asthma symptoms will also tend to manifest themselves in “more isolated ways” in younger patients, he said. Moreover, the latter can thus have isolated whistles.

Another symptom...

Another symptom…

Also, there is another symptom that is characteristic of asthma in children. Recurrent bronchitis! Dr. Maxime Hosotte even adds that there is a definition specific to asthma in children. We will speak here of infant asthma.

Indeed, the diagnosis of this disease can be made without examination. This following several recurrent episodes of bronchitis with wheezing.

What solutions to treat asthma in children?

What solutions to treat asthma in children?

What are the different treatments that exist for childhood asthma? They are effectively the same as for adults. It is then necessary to differentiate the treatment of the chronic disease from that of the asthma attack, which is the “acute exacerbation” of this inflammatory terrain.

In fact, asthma is treated with inhaled corticosteroids. According to Dr. Maxime Hostotte, “it must be taken over the long term and on a daily basis”. This crisis occurs following a decrease in the diameter of the bronchi. She treats herself with bronchodilators. The best known of them is none other than Ventolin.

In addition, some children can also benefit from biotherapies. These treatments are therefore complementary to corticosteroids. Especially in people whose “balance is not sufficient”. The specialist explains to us that these are “à la carte treatments, which will be totally adapted to everyone’s asthma”. Also, according to him, it is “the future of disease-modifying asthma treatment”.

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