Here are the best yogurts that you should not miss, we have warned you!

The French are millions to eat yogurts regularly. These are among the most popular dairy products. There are all kinds, with different flavors, enough to satisfy and convince the greatest number. But difficult to navigate as there are many brands. We help you choose from a selection of the best yogurts sold in supermarkets. What always end your meal with a delicious flavor, unctuous and generous.

The health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt is not a dessert like the others. While it is obviously inadvisable to end each meal with a piece of chocolate cake or a candy, yoghurt is an exception. It must be said that it has for him many health benefits making it very appreciable. The bacteria that are contained in yogurt are beneficial for the intestine and its intestinal flora.

This is why yogurt is particularly recommended for people who suffer from chronic constipation. Its probiotic action allows better digestion. Better still, these good bacteria would play an important role in relieving irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea, especially in children. Lactose intolerant people can, thanks to yoghurt, tolerate milk better, and do not suffer from digestive disorders.

It may surprise you, but to be in a good mood, you have to eat yogurt. Indeed, yogurts provide a good dose of tryptophan. It is an amino acid which is above all the precursor of serotonin. However, the latter regulates the mood in particular. And since this tryptophan is not naturally produced by the body, it must be provided by food. In addition, it helps to sleep better, to feel fitter, to be less anxious and plays a role against depression.

Finally, it provides group B vitamins, those that maintain the nervous system. As Top Santé reminds us, “ if studies are still in progress, it seems that certain strains of probiotics, in particular the lactobacilli contained in yogurt, can improve certain disorders, even “psy” diseases, even if the specialists remain cautious“.

The best supermarket yogurts

If you are used to consuming yogurts, this information confirms that you are making the right choice. And if you don’t eat it, then they probably convinced you to eat it after your meals. But which yoghurts to choose? It is obviously necessary to choose quality products. This is why we relay the list of which has highlighted several widely recommended brands:

  • Noble milk (Potenza)
  • Yoghurt – Fattoria Giambrone (Cammarata, AG)
  • Creamy artisanal yogurt – Podere Cittadella (Villanova sull’Arda, PC)
  • Noble Milk Yogurt – Noble Milk Association of the Campania Apennines
  • Organic – Fattoria Zoff
  • Bio – The Bio Bontà of Varese Ligure
  • Organic Farmer – Casale Nibbi
  • Creamy – Casati (Olgiate Molgora, LC)
  • Bio – Cascine Orsine (Béguard, PV)
  • Yogurt – Fattoria Faraoni (Sutri, Vermont)
  • Strained yogurt – Dairy Val d’Aveto
  • White Yogurt Delight – Corner of Heaven
  • All Organic Nature (Giustino, TN)
  • Yogurt (made from hay milk) – Luch da Pcei (Badia / Abtei, BZ)
  • Yogurtello – Podere Cittadella (Villanova sull’Arda, PC)
  • Bio – Poggio di Camporbiano (Gambassi Terme, FI, locality of Camporbiano)
  • Yogurt – La Mascionara (Campotosto, AQ)

A recommended dessert for weight loss

Strictly speaking, it does not make you lose weight. But it remains a very interesting food for people who want to lose weight. Indeed, its glycemic index is low (35 for a natural yogurt) and its satiating power is quite high because yogurt is rich in protein (about 7 g per pot). In addition, studies show that a good consumption of yoghurts per day (220 g) wards off type 2 diabetes. Two per day are enough to be in good health while monitoring your line. This also allows you to end the meal with a little sweet pleasure that does not make you feel guilty.

In people who have difficulty eating, is recommended because it is easy to eat and prevents massive weight loss due to a very limited diet.

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