Here are 4 precursory and physical symptoms that should alert you if your liver is tired!

The time, by itself, ensures more 500 functions in the body. Whether it is blood filtration, elimination of toxins, production of bile… This vital organ works continuously. It must therefore be taken care of. In times of excessive consumption such as fat from foods or alcohol, the liver may find the task more difficult. When the body ingests too much of a single thing, the liver has to fight to eliminate it quickly. Despite popular belief, the symptoms revealing liver disease remain rare and often appear at an advanced stage of the disease. Here are 4 physical symptoms, according to CNews, that should alert you to the fact that your liver is tired or appear ill.

The first symptom: yellow eyes

Your eyes and skin turning yellow is rarely a good sign. Indeed, jaundice can indicate liver disease. This discoloration of the fundus may result from a buildup of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a pigment produced by the breakdown of red blood cells. This pigment usually breaks down with the help of the liver.

Then the itching

A liver in poor condition can also be the cause of itching sensations. And this, anywhere on the body. This symptom, which is called cutaneous pruritus, can result in a retention of bile under the skin. As stated earlier, the liver makes bile. This bile, a liquid secreted by the liver, should flow along the digestive system. And this, in order to decompose all the elements not necessary for the organism.

Suspicious swellings

When the liver does not function properly, the body suffers the consequences. The consequences can sometimes pose health hazards. A diseased liver may be unable to make albumin. Albumin is a protein that prevents water from flowing from the blood into the tissues. If the water flows to the tissues, then this results in edema. When swelling of the legs or abdomen occurs, it is called edema.

The last symptom: constant fatigue

A tired or diseased liver also results in intense and persistent fatigue. If you’ve been feeling tired from doing very little recently, your liver might be feeling it too. If you fail to recover and suffer from severe drop in morale despite a long period of rest. So this may indicate a more or less serious liver disease. However, intense fatigue can be related to a lack of sleep, new stress or even some deficiency.

The liver, or something else?

There it’s done. You now know how to detect a possible liver fatigue, also called hepatic. But beware ! These 4 symptoms could then reveal other health problems. Indeed, fatigue can be due to a lack of iron. Just as itching can have dermatological links. So, before drawing the wrong conclusions, do not hesitate to consult your general practitioner. As for keeping a healthy liverit is advisable to adopt a well-balanced diet, to exercise regularly and to limit the consumption of alcohol.

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