Heatwave: NEVER take these headache medications in hot weather!

It is the health insurance that warns you. France is hit by a wave of strong heat. However, this has real consequences on the functioning of our body. And some people can therefore be sick. The symptoms are different. But to treat yourself, it is sometimes not recommended to take your usual medication. Quite simply because it can make your case worse.

Drugs not recommended: do not take aspirin or paracetamol

If these drugs are not recommended in the event of a heat wave, it is for a good reason. Indeed, they ” are likely to aggravate exhaustion-dehydration syndrome or heat stroke “. Health insurance asks you to be careful and see with your doctor the procedure to follow to avoid certain complications, such as the syndrome seen above, or even heat stroke.

If you have unusual headaches or fever, avoid paracetamol and aspirin. “ Paracetamol is ineffective in cases of heat stroke, and aspirin can disrupt the body’s thermoregulation “, reveals the health insurance.

During a heat wave, remember to drink plenty of water, more than usual, and even when you are not thirsty. It is essential to stay hydrated. Avoid going out and getting in the sun between 11 a.m. and 5/6 p.m., and do not play sports during the day, especially outside. You risk hyperthermia, when the body temperature is too high. If the cold kills, the heat can also kill. So take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Medicines that can be dangerous during the heat wave

A number of medications can pose a hazard in hot weather. And as is the case in France, we take stock with you.

certain medications used in psychiatry such as neuroleptics, lithium salts, or certain medications for depression. They can interfere with perspiration. The body sweats to cool itself and maintain a normal temperature. It is therefore essential to sweat well.

– certain medications to treat epilepsy can become toxic if the patient is dehydrated. However, during a heat wave, you can be dehydrated without even realizing it. The patients concerned must therefore think about drinking even more than the others.

– certain medications against migraine prevent the dilation of the vessels of the skin. They reduce perspiration.

– certain antibiotics interfere with normal kidney function in case of dehydration.

It is imperative to talk about it with your doctor. Health insurance insists on this subject: “never stop your treatment without having spoken to your doctor or pharmacist”.

How to store medicines during the heat wave?

We tend to forget it since, generally, no storage conditions are indicated on the medicine box. But it is obviously advisable to avoid exposing them to the sun. Especially if the temperatures are scorching. However, if no storage conditions are indicated, then the doctor can be consumed, even after being exposed.

On the other hand, what if certain drugs need to be stored at temperatures not exceeding 25 or 30 degrees? Do not panic. You can leave them in their usual closet, even if it has been warmer at your place these last few days. Indeed, several studies have shown the fact that a high temperature for several days does not degrade drugs.

For drugs that must be stored between 2 and 8 degrees, nothing changes. Indeed, they are in all cases kept in the refrigerator. The heat wave has no impact on them. But once you get them out, don’t leave them lying around and use them quickly. They must not have time to warm up.

You now know how to manage the situation with your medication. Assume that in the event of a heat wave, your best ally for health is water. It’s what keeps you hydrated and fit, while your body struggles to keep its temperature up. So remember to drink at least two liters, more if you sweat a lot.

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