Health: they stop smoking suddenly after a stroke, researchers discover how to stop tobacco addiction by manipulating the brain

A bad for a good ? A study reveals that brain damage would cause the end of tobacco addictionas reported by our colleagues from TV3.

American and Swedish researchers have published the results of their work in the journal Nature Medicine. They observed patients who experienced a sudden urge to quit smoking after having a stroke and noticed that these had lesions in at least one of the three areas of the brain namely the dorsal cingulate, the lateral prefrontal cortex or the insular cortex.

The researchers came to the conclusion that there was a brain circuit responsible for addictions. In contrast, no lesions were detected in the cortex medial prefrontal, suggesting that it blocks addiction.

Un estudi amb grans fumadors que havien tingut un ictus suggereix quins cerebral circuits estan implicats en el maintenance o l’abandó d’aquest habit

— (@324cat) June 15, 2022

How to stop tobacco addiction?

In sum, to stop tobacco addictionit would be necessary to cause lesions on one of the specific areas of the brain such as the dorsal cingulate, the lateral prefrontal cortex or the insular cortex without damaging the medial prefrontal cortex.

In the United States, a brain stimulation technique, the transcranial magnetic stimulation, is already approved. It has been shown to be effective against alcohol addiction.

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