Health authorities ban dietary supplement said to aid weight loss

The French drug authority has suspended the sale of a dietary supplement supposed to facilitate weight loss and sold by the Body Sherry brand, on the grounds that it contains a dangerous component on the cardiovascular level, it announced on Wednesday .

The ANSM has “taken a health policy decision to suspend (…) the marketing of the Bodygoal product” sold by Body Sherry, the agency announced in a press release.

Against weight gain

Bodygoal is presented as a dietary supplement that promotes weight loss during a one-month cure. The Body Sherry site touts a “90% natural” formula.

But the drug agency, after being alerted to health problems in a person who consumed this product, discovered that it contained a dangerous substance, sibutramine.

Still for sale on the site

This molecule, developed by the Abbott laboratory, has been marketed in the past for its appetite suppressant effects, but it has been banned since 2010 in the European Union because it has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular accidents.

“If you bought (Bodygoal), we ask you not to use it”, insisted the ANSM. On Wednesday, however, the product was still for sale on the Body Sherry site.

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