He unplugs a charging Tesla without the knowledge of its owner, a bad joke filmed from start to finish

Obviously, the driver of this pick-up that you will see in the video is not a big fan of electric cars. Except that instead of complaining when he crosses one on the road, our man decided to act in the worst way possible for an electric car owner. He just unplugged it!

The driver of the pick-up took advantage of the fact that the parking lot where the sedan was parked was deserted to park for a few moments. So he got out of his vehicle, looked around to see if no one was watching, and unplugged the Tesla. Rather daring as a gesture, especially since its owner was sleeping in the back!

What he didn’t see, however, was that the cameras around the car filmed the whole scene. Unfortunately, that won’t help much. Unplugging an electric car is not (yet) a crime. Even if in this case, it deserves a small fine. The recharge time of the Model 3 being – in this case – estimated at 10 hours!

mischief done

Even after seeing the owner sleeping in the back, the criminal did not stop there and did not hesitate to completely unplug the Tesla from its charger. A nasty and gratuitous gesture as we still see too many unfortunately.

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