He travels 1.5 million kilometers in his Tesla without breaking it

Be careful, it was still necessary to change the motor and the batteries to reach such a record.

An automobile generally drives between 150,000 and 250,000 kilometers during his career before leaving for the scrapyard. There are regular exceptions to this rule with distance records achieved at the wheel of vehicles that sometimes even briskly exceed a million kilometres. And we now have to rely on an electric car in the register of these impressive distance records.

Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg indeed owns a Tesla Model S P85 with which he drives a lot. Very much. It actually comes from exceed the one and a half million kilometer mark at the wheel of his American sedan, acquired in 2014. A staggering figure in absolute terms, which obviously required several significant mechanical changes to succeed. The battery, first of all, had to be changed before it exceeded half a million kilometres. As for the engine, it was replaced three times.

How much does it cost ?

According to Teslarati, most of these mechanical changes were covered under warranty. It would be interesting to know at what percentage because the price of a battery alone can exceed €15,000 for a complete change. Remember that thermal vehicles must also replace many wear parts when they reach this kind of mileage, sometimes even having to change the engine. The financial comparison would be interesting…

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