he has already eaten 32,000 Big Macs, “I will probably eat them for the rest of my life”

The 68-year-old American, nicknamed “the Big Mac expert”, claims to have eaten more than 32,000 of these McDonald’s burgers in his life: ” I find them so good. There’s really nothing else that I prefer “, he told WBAY.

I bought my first three Big Macs in 1972. I took them out to eat in my car. At that point, I thought to myself that I was probably going to eat it for the rest of my life. “. Since then, he has been going to McDonald’s every day to eat his precious Big Mac. He has only been missed eight times over fifty years, when his neighborhood fast food restaurant had to close due to a snowstorm.

“I am lucky to have a good metabolism”

Despite his high-calorie diet, the man who is a prison guard claims to be in good health and to have normal cholesterol levels: ” I’m lucky to have a good metabolism that allows me to eat Big Macs without gaining a lot of weight. “.

In the United States, Don has become a minor celebrity and has already been the subject of several documentaries, including “Super Size Me”. He also holds the record for the person who ate the most Big Macs in the world, according to the Guinness Book.


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