Ground Control reopens with focus on African culture and cuisine

By Manon C., Caroline J. Photos by Caroline J. Posted May 12, 2022, 6:46 PM

Did you miss him? He returns ! Ground Control is reopening its large gourmet terrace and is emphasizing African culture and cuisine this summer. We salivate in advance!

Ground Control, a multidisciplinary living space set up within the Halle Charolais in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, reopens its doors for the spring-summer 2022. With 1500 m² of terrace and 4500 m² of covered spaces, it is still and always the place to feast at the counter of numerous stalls and foodtrucks installed inside and outside the place!

And for this summer, Ground Control is renamed Ground Africa and put the African cuisine and culture in the spotlight through a selection of African restaurants that will thrill the taste buds of gourmets and the curious. On the menu, the colorful and exotic dishes of New Soul Food, ofafro jojoBMK Paris-Bamako and Boukan ! Ground Control’s usual restaurants will of course remain open throughout the period and continue to offer their specialties.

Associated with the food offer of the terracea thematic programming will punctuate the entire summer season, with lessons and demonstrations of kitchendemonstrations of dancefrom initiations languages ​​and dialects, but also concerts and DJ setstalks, conferencesround tables, performancefrom exhibitions… And a market of producers, craftsmen and creators of African products, to nab lots of nice little objects!

A summer season that promises to be strong in cultural and culinary discoveries !

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