Grenoble is taking a giant step to boost green energy!

Not far from its heart, the city has seen the development of a company that has not finished talking about it. AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE (AI), an SME of 115 people today, performs in the energy sector. It specializes in industrial engineering and automation software, real pluses for strengthen the sector in the region.

In 2021, AI gained +30% and therefore maintains a particularly strong growth momentum. She hears well play a significant role in the energy transition now representing more than 60% of its turnover.

The photovoltaic market

A leading national player in the photovoltaic solar market

Aware of the challenges of sustainable development, concerned with increasing the energy independence of its customers and reducing the environmental impact, AI has the “wind in its sails” on the photovoltaic market. And in fact benefit Grenoble!

Its market is made up of operators and builders of photovoltaic power plants. “We have commissioned more than one GW since 2017; last year we carried out more than 600 MW in France, i.e. more than 100 projects proudly declares Pascal MIOCHE, Chairman of the Group.

Well-known names among its customers

In addition, prestigious clients such as renewable EDF, ENGIE, GREENYELLOW, etc. reinforce the references of AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE and the dynamism of the region. Sensors, remote management systems, artificial intelligence solutions, data collection and optimization, AI reproduced the culture of industrial automation in its photovoltaic plants.

Management of photovoltaic power plants

A complete and detailed follow-up, necessary for a good management

Once the plant is installed, AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE endeavors to support its customers on several types of multi-year maintenance contract (third-party application maintenance, maintenance in operational condition, computer-assisted maintenance, etc.).

Know how to prevent breakdowns, identify weak signals and interrupt the operation during low seasons are part of the feedback that the company controls. The maintenance of existing wind farms, the improvement of yields and systematic and predictive maintenance thus constitute its priority areas of reflection.

And for good reason, Grenoble insists on the greening of its energy!

Innovation: remote commissioning of photovoltaic power plants

The Covid-19 crisis prompted AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE to strengthen its digitalisation. Thus, unable to travel to the sites of the car parks during this period, the project engineers remotely commissioned automation systems at their customers. The latter were able to appreciate the lower costs on their contracts and the flexibility of collaboration on a new format.

Enough to give ideas to the city of Grenoble! Telework was made necessary and therefore allowed innovations that were ultimately desirable.

The advantages of AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE, a company located near Grenoble

  • An expertise and a culture of automation and the energy field
  • Proven custom engineered solutions at the best value for money
  • Mastery of artificial intelligence and data optimization
  • Financial strength (financial rating 3++ at the Banque de France)
  • The agility and responsiveness of an SME

In addition, AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE relies on a CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) committed to the service of controlled growth. It builds its development by focusing on human capital, in particular through the growing involvement of its teams, continuous training and the upgrading of its employees’ skills. An initiative that the city of Grenoble can only validate for the well-being of its inhabitants!

A word from the Chairman of the Group

“Aware of the challenges of sustainable development, concerned about producing better, we favor the “local” naturally without necessarily producing more, while taking care to reduce the carbon footprint… We thus remain in tune with our own Aitian values”.

AI in a nutshell

  • Installation of parks from 1 to 50 MW in Metropolitan France and for export (Madagascar for example).
  • In 2021: 4 projects carried out in New Caledonia
  • Number of service contracts or TMA: 40 currently
  • Since 2017, commissioning of more than one GW. 2021: construction of more than 600 MW in France (more than 100 projects).


The booming photovoltaic market will continue to develop, with several tens of gigawatts to be installed in the years to come… AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE will thus consolidate its place among the leaders in automated control systems. “Our ambition is to double turnover by 2026, to increase from 115 to 170 people and to strengthen our position in energy and energy efficiency extended to buildings and industry” concludes Pascal MIOCHE, President of ‘AUTOMATIC & INDUSTRY. Forward for green energy in Grenoble!

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