Greece: Two drinks and a plate charged… more than 600 francs!


Two Americans are suing a restaurant in Mykonos for an exorbitant bill.

The bill was 600 euros for two mojitos and a small plate containing two crab legs.

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Two American tourists are taking legal action against a beach bar in Mykonos, Greece. The reason? They had to pay 600 euros for two drinks and a plate. And they claim to have been harassed, intimidated and threatened.

Brenda Moulton and her 19-year-old daughter, Kaylea, were on Platis Gialos beach in Mykonos in early May when they were approached by a staff member who urged them, “Sit here! Sit here!”

The two women decided to accept and then each ordered a mojito. According to them, the card did not contain any prizes. Then, they say, the waiters kept coming back to ask them if they wanted to eat something, being “aggressive”. They ended up ordering a small plate containing two crab legs, reported the Greek media θEMA.

When they wanted to leave, they would have been asked to pay the bill inside. And there a man presented them with an extremely painful pain. 520.80 euros for the two cocktails and the small plate, plus 78.12 euros “compulsory” tip. 598.92 euros in total, or 620 francs.

The bill.

Brenda Moulton says she initially refused to pay, pointing out that “two mojitos and two crab legs can’t cost 600 euros”.

According to her, the employees then threatened her. “I was then told verbatim: I will call the police. They will keep you here and you will not return to your country. We can easily find where you live,” she said. The Americans finally gave in and paid.

The two women then stayed in front of the establishment for some time, deciding to warn other holidaymakers of the “scam” practiced by the restaurant. Finally the boss would have left furious and would have threatened the two women again, who left the place.


The Americans have now hired a Greek lawyer and are suing the restaurant.

“The Independent” notes for its part that this establishment has already hit the headlines in the past. In 2019, an American tourist received a bill of 836 euros for calamari and beers. In May, another American told the “Daily Mail” that she had to pay more than 1,600 francs for two main dishes, a salad and bread.

A website now even exists to denounce the actions of this restaurant, the pressure or intimidation of customers, its sometimes exorbitant bills or its strange practices, such as displaying prices per 100 grams.

Contacted by the local press, the offending establishment swept away all criticism, swearing that it was in good standing and had passed all checks without incident.

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