Gourvennec attacks Estac and arbitration

Gourvennec tackles arbitration at a press conference

LOSC coach Jocelyn Gourvennec complained about the refereeing of the day after the match. “There are first two bad decisions by the referee, he believes. There should have been a penalty on Yilmaz with the foot in front of Biancone, who touches the foot in addition to the ball (in the 29th) , and there is a clear simulation of Dingomé, who is not touched (in the 40th, on the first penalty awarded to Estac on a slight contact with Zhegrova). I can understand that the referee does not see it , but that the VAR validates the penalty… it is incomprehensible”.

“The second red card (from Yilmaz for a tackle from behind) is extremely severe but we did not have the emotional control that this kind of match demands, continues the Lille coach. Frustration took over, we at fault. Playing nine against eleven is mission impossible, especially when you are trailing”.

Gourvennec then targets ESTAC and its communication on arbitration this week: “It’s quite disturbing to see that there were three penalties today, none for us obviously, at a time when they were demanding it loudly. face. They communicated on it. It’s a very bad afternoon. (…) At the beginning of the week I found it disturbing that the club communicates “.

>> The complete declarations of Gourvennec


It’s the end of the nightmare for LOSC! Lille lost 3-0 to Troyes after an eventful game marked by two red cards and three penalties!

ESTAC takes three very important points in the race to maintain.

“Gourvennec resignation”

“Gourvennec resignation” come down from the visitor’s stand of Lille supporters! Very tense atmosphere!


Tardieu transforms this penalty and allows Troyes to close a game – already sealed!


The pass of three for ESTAC!

New penalty for Troyes after this great work by Larouci! Tardieu will try to score a third goal.

Entrance of Djalo

Celik gives way to Djalo for his last ten minutes.

Lille exchange short passes

The Mastiffs are struggling to get around the block – well in place – of ESTAC and exchange passes in their part of the field. Minutes are hours for Lille in this nightmarish endgame.


Back to the small statistics mentioned before the start of the game: there was six red cards in Troyes’ last nine games in the league!

Very close to 3-0!

Superb save from Jardim on this cross strike from Kaboré!

Lille will be able to breathe but the blue wave is not over!


On a very late intervention by Yilmaz on Tardieu, the referee pulls out the red!

The LOSC is reduced to nine!

Three changes on the side of Troyes!

Touzghar, Mothiba and Larouci IN

Dingome, Ugbo and Ripart OFF


Fonte crosses his head too much when he was alone in the penalty area! A miss that could have allowed Lille to reduce the score.


The post comes to save the Lille goalkeeper on this point-blank helmet shot from Ripart! Still 2-0!

Yellow for Gudmundsson!

Lille are very nervous and this tackle is the perfect illustration. Beware of visitors not to sink completely.

Gomes comes into play!

The first response from the bench: Zhegrova gives way to Gomes!

Trend change

If the Lille had returned with better attention, the red of Sanches sounds like a real downtime for the Mastiffs. Troyes now dictate the game and manage their advantage with great confidence.

Troyes takes a step towards maintenance!

Difficult to say, but this goal may seal the maintenance of ESTAC in Ligue 1!

Troyes is provisionally 14th, 5 points behind ASSE, the first relegated.


ESTAC leads 2-0 against Lille!

After the expulsion of Sanches, the punishment did not drag on and Troyes made the break in a crucial match in the race for maintenance!


There will be a second penalty! After a great counter from Troyes, Chavalerin tries to find Ugbo, jostled by Botman!

Strike of Tardieu!

The captain of ESTAC is not an excellent disposition to strike but tries his luck all the same. His shot flies!

Red for Sanches!

Renato Sanches completely freaks out!

After having grumbled for the first time on a yellow card, Sanches insists again and scoops a new cracker.

Second yellow and red! Lille will finish at 10!

Opportunity for Lille from a corner!

The head of José Fonte does not find the frame but here is a first reaction from Lille in this return from the locker room.

Here we go again !

Start of the second period at the Stade de l’Aube! No change !

José Fonte reassembled against the penalty

José Fonte, at the microphone of Amazon Prime Video, plague against the penalty awarded to Troyes: “I’m waiting to see who touched him, you have to stay calm. I want to see who touched him. I also want to see the another situation (the penalty not whistled on Yilmaz).”

“He clearly unbalances me, I don’t know if it’s enough to whistle a penalty, but luck is turning a little bit,” said Dingome, who won the penalty.


For the moment it is certain: Lille says goodbye to the European places!

We will have to show another face in the second half to overthrow a Troyes team, well in place defensively.

1-0 for ESTAC!

Lille reacts!

Super center of Zhegrova from my right to the left. Behind, Fonte tries to put in the box but his head finds no one. Troyes will be able to breathe.

The furious Lille bench!

“Scandalous”, launches many members of Jocelyn Gourvennec’s staff!

The referee of the day cleans up a bit and hands out two yellow cards to two Lille leaders.


That was the only thing that could unlock the game!

On a penalty, Tardieu comes to give the advantage to Troyes against a too shy Lille. 1-0!

Penalty confirmed!

Florian Tardieu will take care of it!


Penalty for Troyes! Fonte gives Dingome a boost in the penalty area! VAR in progress.


5. This is the number of balls touched by Ugbo in this game. None of which in the penalty area…

Foul by Biancone

Foul by Biancone in midfield on David. The technical approximations are numerous and the faults on a late intervention follow.

Strike of Tardieu

Small event: Troyes tried his luck!

For a good thirty meters, Tardieu strikes from outside the area, and even if it is powerless to be dangerous, this is a first opportunity for ESTAC.

30 minutes of boredom

Not much happens in that first half hour. Little intensity, an extended observation phase and above all very little opportunity. The Trojans are well organized and prevent Lille from making them doubt.

Weah Strike!

Nothing to surprise Moulin but finally, one of the two teams tries its luck!

On the left side, Weah goes inside before trying his luck. Strike on target, but not powerful enough to expect anything.

First strike of the game?

Hard to say. On a powerful cross from David, Yilmaz takes advantage of a favorable counter to try his luck with the toe. The striker just grazes the ball and ESTAC easily wards off the danger.

Great comeback from Gudmundsson

The Lille left side returns perfectly to Kaboré to avoid centering it. A great return rewarded since the ball goes out of goal.

Foul by Renato

The Portuguese is doing very well after this anti-game, tactical fault on Kouame. No card but last warning.

The VAR confirms the referee’s decision!

No penalty. And it makes sense.

Yilmaz collapses in the surface!

After a slight contact at the hip, the Lille striker collapses in the area. Roughly compared to the first slow motion.

Always nothing…

Not much is happening at the moment. After a quarter of an hour of play, neither team has tried their luck.

Koné finally leaves his place

Injured, Youssouf Koné leaves his place to N’jo for the rest of the game;

The game resumes

Troyes is evolving for the moment in numerical inferiority and the game resumes.

The game is stopped

The injury seems serious and even if Koné recovers, the replacement seems inevitable.

Koné remains on the ground

Koné holds the adductors and remains on the ground after a bad recovery of support.

Lille grows!

Super collective movement from LOSC but Chavalerin remains very vigilant and deflects a cross from Zhegrova. The ball touched the Lille will-o’-the-wisp before going out. Troyes will be able to emerge.

The corner gives nothing

Benjamin André’s center ends in the niche of Moulin.

Corner for Lille!

After a good job by David on the left side, the center is deflected and goes out for a corner.

Cast iron get out!

The Portuguese defender somehow wards off the danger after a nice deflection from Biancone. Small warning all the same.

Free kick for ESTAC!

Foul by Benjamin André ten meters from the Lille penalty area on Kouamé, and already a good free kick to follow for Troyes!

Troyes starts the game!

The first phase of possession is for ESTAC but the Tardieu pass is too long.

Let’s go !

The kick-off is given in Troyes!

Let’s go!

Entry of the 22 actors on the ground! The Aube stadium is not full but the atmosphere is there.


This is the small statistic of the meeting: there was four red cards in Troyes’ last eight games in the league!

The composition of Lille!

Holders (4-4-2): Jardim – Celik, Fonté, Botman, Gudmundsson – Zhegrova, André, Sanches, Weah – David, Yilmaz.

Replacements: Bamba, Bradaric, Djalo, Gomes, Grbic, Lihadji, Foot

The composition of Troyes!

Incumbents (5-4-1): Moulin – Kaboré, Biancone, Palmer-Brown, Koné, Chavalerin – Ripart, Tardieu, Kouamé, Dingome – Ugbo.

Replacements: Camara, Chambost, El Hajjam, Larouci, Mazou-Sacko, Mothiba, N’jo, Renot, Touzghar

Hello everyone !

Hello everyone and welcome to this first live of this exceptional Ligue 1 Sunday, obviously marked with a hot iron by the meeting between Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyonnais this evening!

But before that, we plunge together into a match of fear between ESTAC which is fighting in the race to maintain and LOSC which still wants to believe in European places!

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