Google’s new connected doorbell is at a reduced price for the French Days

Released a few months ago, Google’s Nest Doorbell simplifies its installation compared to the previous model, with a softer price. That’s a good thing, especially since it’s becoming more affordable with that 15% discount.

After a first successful connected doorbell, the Mountain View company returns three later with the Nest Doorbell. The latter now benefits from a wireless installation thanks to its battery operation. Its features are more than satisfactory, and are now accessible without additional subscription. And on the occasion of the French Days, it loses 30 euros of its price to lighten the bill a little more.

The key points of the Nest Doorbell

  • A faster doorbell to install
  • Good quality even at night
  • Detects movements and recognizes faces

Available at a price of 199.99 euros, the Nest Doorbell connected doorbell from Google benefits from a 15% reduction at Boulanger and goes to 169.99 euros on the Boulanger site.

A minimalist doorbell easier to install

Aesthetically, Google’s Nest Doorbell relies on a minimalist appearance while being in line with the latest Nest products. The major advantage of this new doorbell is that it can be installed in wired mode, or on battery – which was not the case before. As a result, the installation will only take you about ten minutes and will not require major work. Before connecting it to your WiFi network, be sure to place the doorbell 1.22 meters from the ground for the best angle, but also to leave at least 5.7 centimeters above the doorbell in order to be able to use the doorbell. release tool, which is used to remove the bell from its location to recharge it. Autonomy level, it can last up to 6 months in moderate use.

To distinguish visitors

Regarding its characteristics, the Nest Doorbell offers an image ratio of 3:4 with a viewing angle of 145° to see your visitors from head to toe as well as the packages deposited on the ground. On the image side, the Nest Doorbell makes some concessions compared to the previous model: the sensor of the Nest Doorbell only has 1.3 megapixels, compared to 3 megapixels for the Nest Hello. The definition ? It goes from 1600 x 1200 pixels to 960 x 1280 pixels, this is partly due to the change in ratio. Nevertheless, the video remains clearly usable and detailed enough to distinguish one face from another and to read a license plate.

Night vision is very efficient, the bell is able to differentiate one car from another or faces. Via the app, you can check the live stream or watch later what happened, even if you missed an alert. Google provides access to video history that allows you to go back up to three hours in time, more if you subscribe to a Nest Aware subscription. But what is especially significant is that the detection of movements, people, packages, animals and vehicles are now available without subscription, as is the option of activity zones. Otherwise, you will be able to communicate with your visitors thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone.

Google Assistant at your service

Of course, it is compatible with the Google assistant and you will be able to connect it to the giant’s devices. So if you have a Nest Hub, for example, you will be able to ask the voice assistant to show you the front door camera, in order to see, or hear and speak to visitors at your doorstep. through your connected screen. And if your Video Doorbell detects motion, your Google device will let you know.

To find out more, do not hesitate to read our complete test on the Google Nest Doorbell.

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