Google Will Use Customer Match Lists For Smart Bidding And Optimized Targeting

Customer match lists will be further leveraged in Google Ads, according to an email sent to advertisers this week.

These lists will soon be available for use in an account to help with smart bidding and/or optimized targeting.

This is a change from how Customer Match lists are applied today. Advertisers currently have to manually apply them to a campaign.

Customer match lists will not be used with manual bid strategies. However, advertisers can still manually use bid modifiers to adjust bids.

When this happens. From the 2nd trimester. The tentative timelines for rolling out Customer Match Lists in Smart Auctions are as follows:

Tentative times

Advertisers can opt out. If you do not want Customer Match Lists applied to Smart Bidding or Enhanced Targeting, you will have the option to opt out at the ad account level. To unsubscribe, go to Account settings then choose Customer correspondence and uncheck the box Use all customer match lists in smart bidding or enhanced targeting box.

You can also remove lists that you don’t want included in this targeting.

Note: Google Ads managers cannot deactivate all campaigns. This must be done at the individual account level.

Why we care. More signals for automation is a good thing. The ability to list which listings are or are not being used should be a boon for advertisers. Because you will need to opt out, be sure to take the time for each account to ensure the correct customer match lists are in play.

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