Google will close the app on all Android versions

The disappearance of Android Auto on Android 12 caused great trouble among its users last year. Gone is Google’s original phone-friendly user interface for navigation, media, messaging and more, leaving in its place only assisted driving mode and a handful of third-party services. None of them have lived up to Android Auto for phone screens, and unfortunately for drivers running Android 11 and earlier, their time has come as well.

On phones that did not have Android 12 and therefore remained on earlier versions, they could still use the application, but for the past few days, users have received a notification announcing the end of Android Auto. It’s another step for the company in its quest to nudge everyone into Driving Assistant Mode, the new UI built into Android that, unfortunately, isn’t as feature-rich as the service it is. ‘she’s replacing.

Google’s warning to users doesn’t specify when the app will finally go away, but the message doesn’t exactly inspire confidence for a summer full of road trips. The message reappears every time the app is opened, even if you previously deleted it. This is a pretty clear warning from Google, don’t expect this app to work for much longer.

The Driving Mode Assistant has come a long way since its initial launch, but it’s still not quite as mature as Android Auto. The app finally added a home screen shortcut a few months ago. However, if you have to travel this summer and your car is not equipped with an integrated screen, you are not completely short of solution.

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