Google: What’s the most asked question about love?

Google has revealed the most asked question about love between April 2021 and April 2022. (©Illustration Adobe Stock)

Love, again and again. If “search interests on the subject of love have been slowly declining for five years”, specifies Google, the quest for true love is coming back to the fore.

In any case, this is revealed by a study published by Google Data which indicated that a frequently asked question between April 2021 and April 2022 on the search engine (+1000% in one year) was: “ how to know if you are in love“.

To this question, many articles from specialized magazines are offered to Internet users. Numerous tests and quizzes follow to obtain THE answer to this question.

Among the other queries of French people recorded by Google, we find:

  • How to say I love you without saying it (+58%)
  • When will I meet love (+310%)

Very specific questions

It is clear that Google can also be a source of inspiration to meet your soul mate. Thus, the request “Bio Tinder Funny” is up 15% in one year.

Or even a way to reassure yourself after a first date with the question “sign first successful date” whose request jumped by 69%.

Some singles also have very specific criteria in finding a partner. Some wish to meet only people with high intellectual potential (“hpi dating site”) or…. celebrities (“Tinder for celebrities”).

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Like what in love, you must (always) try everything for everything!

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