Google TV app takes off on iOS and Android

Google is stepping up a gear with its Google TV app. It succeeds Google Play Movies and TV on iOS and arrives in more countries on Android.

With the arrival of Google TV, the Mountain View company has decided to gradually relegate Android TV to the background. The two platforms coexist, but the focus is now on Google TV, which is included in the latest Chromecast, for example. The American giant has also started to deploy Google TV app on Android smartphones from 2020 in the United States. As often with Google, you have to be patient before discovering certain new features. The application took its time before replacing Play Movies & TV, especially in France. French users, as well as those in 13 other countries, waited until the end of 2021 to discover Google TV.

It’s now around the iPhone and iPad to discover the replacement for Google Play Movies and TV. The app Google TV is coming to iOS and incorporates most of the features of its predecessor, with several new features. Revamped, it promises a clearer interface and adds recommendations from your streaming apps. Indeed, Google TV works as a centralized “hub” and allows you to add the streaming services to which the user is subscribed to offer him suggestions. “Suggestions for your favorite apps will show up in one place, based on what you’ve watched and your interests, making it easier to find your next favorite content”says Google.

Google TV centralizes content from streaming services, but not Netflix

In its French version, the app supports many streaming services. We can notably add Amazon Prime Video, myCanal or even and Apple TV+. On the other hand, Netflix is ​​still not present. Different tabs allow you to find content (For you, Movies, Series…); but the “Highlights” section is not yet available in the French version.

For improve the accuracy of suggestionsns, it is possible to mark titles as “already seen” and rate them (“like”, “dislike”). This application also offersuse your phone as a remote control ; to control Android TV or Google TV devices. It is possible to use the keyboard of your smartphone to navigate more quickly through the menus.

On the sidelines of the arrival of Google TV on iOS, the firm specifies that the Android application is now available in over 100 countries. If you already have the Google Play Movies & TV app installed, just update it to enjoy Google TV. You can also download the app for free from the App Store.

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