Google suspends an engineer who claims his AI is “aware”

“Google recently suspended one of its engineers after refuting claims about the ‘aware’ nature of its artificial intelligence, report it New York Times. A case that revives the debate around this cutting-edge technology.”

Blake Lemoine, a senior engineer in Google’s responsible artificial intelligence department, didn’t get much attention on June 6 when he wrote in a blog post on Medium that he “risked being fired”. But the portrait given to him by the washington post five days later sparked a whirlwind of comments and jokes on social media about the nature of artificial intelligence, in particular LaMDA, the language model he is working on.

“LaMDA (Language Model for Chat Applications) is Google’s system for designing chatbots, or conversational agents, with the most sophisticated language models, so named for their ability to imitate the language [naturel] by absorbing d

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