Google struggles to deny information … given by itself

With an extremely dense Google I/O conference, the firm did not have time to go into product details. Certain information concerning the Pixel 7 was thus shared outside the event by the company to influencers, including Marques Brownlee. Before being invalidated by it.

The future Pixel 7 // Source: Google

Google has once again decided to reveal its maps a little earlier than expected this year. After the Pixel 6 last year which had been the subject of a somewhat early formalization compared to previous editions, possibly due to multiple leaks, it is the turn of the Pixel 7 to pass a head on the side of the Google I/O 2022, almost five months before its alleged launch.

Some Youtubers rushed to cover the announcements of the Mountain View company and one of them even surprisingly confirmed in his video that the Pixel 7 would arrive at the start of the school year with a new addition that Google had not yet mentioned.

A simple communication error

In his video dedicated to Google I/O 2022 announcements, Marques Brownlee announced that Google’s next Pixel 7 would arrive this time with a soft coating on the back of the smartphone, where last year’s Pixel 6 wore fairly classic glass. Other manufacturers have already opted for matte coatings on the back of their devices, such as Samsung or Apple. The conference of the Californian giant, however, did not mention this information. We therefore imagine that it came to him from elsewhere.

But unfortunately, this novelty, although attractive, was finally denied by Google. Or rather Google has visibly gone back on its own statements.

Update: Google has confirmed to me that the Pixel 7 will in fact NOT be soft touch glass, despite previously telling us all that it would be 🙃

— Brownlee Brands (@MKBHD) May 12, 2022

It was via his Twitter account that the tech Youtuber confirmed that the firm had finally certified the absence of coating on the back of the smartphone, after having however announced its presence initially to several people.

A missed opportunity for Google

The Pixel 7 should therefore not be entitled to a soft-touch coating when it arrives this fall. It is of course a pity that Google does not relaunch in this way which had allowed the Pixel 3 to have a much more pleasant grip than with simple glass.

This also had the merit of better protecting the smartphone against possible fingerprints. We hope to see a return of this design in the future, but, obviously, it won’t be for now.

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