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Like every spring, Google is removing some little-used features from its tools. Soon, several attributes and tags in the XML Sitemaps on images and videos will go by the wayside…

Google announced last week that certain attributes and tags in XML Sitemaps, particularly at the image and video level, would no longer be taken into account from August 6, 2022.

If you are a plugin developer around XML Sitemaps or manage your own files internally, no immediate action is required. You can leave these tags and attributes in place without inconvenience. In the future, Search Console may display warnings when these updates are included in future versions of XML Sitemap Image and Video extension schemas.

For indications in the XML sitemaps about imagesthe indications caption, geo_location, title and thelicense.
For indications in the XML sitemaps about videosthe indications category, player_loc[@allow_embed]player_loc[@autoplay]gallery_loc, price[@all] and tv show[@all].

One can imagine that these deletions occur because of very low use of these possibilities by the developers.

Example of Image XML Sitemap. Source: Google

Video XML Sitemap example. Source: Google

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