Google releases patches for 36 Android vulnerabilities

Android security updates for May 2022 are now available. Google released multiple patches for 36 vulnerabilities, one of which has already been exploited.

Fixes spread over two updates

Google suggests applying the May 2022 security updates that fix 36 Android vulnerabilities. These fixes work no matter what device you are using. One of these vulnerabilities affecting the Linux kernel has already been exploited.

Faced with this flaw (CVE-2022-0847) classified as high severity, it would be more prudent toapply updates as soon as possible. This vulnerability only affects recent models (2022), especially those running Android 12 or later.

Other vulnerabilities may affect older phone models. Google mentions in particular a flaw in Android Framework component. This could be exploited for privilege escalation.

The May security update fixes 36 vulnerabilities. Patches were released in two stages, May 1 and May 5. Nevertheless, Android device vendors may release them in a single comprehensive update.

Additional patches available

Google states that the security updates released on May 5, 2022 include all prior fixes. In this second part, the company has, among other things, offered fixes for 4 bugs in kernel components, 3 for problems in MediaTek components, 5 for flaws in Qualcomm components.

The web giant also mentioned 11 vulnerabilities specific to the Google Pixel device. Users should apply the patches urgently. Among these faults, there would be 2 critical vulnerabilities. One is a remote code execution issue. The other is an information disclosure issue.

This update also offers fixes for 18 vulnerabilities in Samsung devices. Some faults are considered low severity. Others are deemed critical with a high risk of exploitation.

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