Google promises a new tablet for next year

The Google I/O will have been full of surprises! One of them: the announcement of an upcoming tablet.

Normally you don’t announce a product a year before it’s ready, but there’s so much amazing energy around the tablet community that we wanted to include you.“. This is how Rick Ostherloh, head of Google’s hardware division, presented the group’s future tablet.

In itself, this is not a real surprise. After saying that “tablets are the future of computing», Google has thoroughly reviewed Android to adapt it to this format. It would have been surprising not to launch a product to support these software efforts and just rely on the manufacturer partners. So here is a first look at the Pixel Tablet.

Google promises that it will bethe most useful tablet in the world“, thought to be “a perfect companion to your Pixel phone“. We won’t know much more about this device, except that it’s powered by a Google Tensor SoC, like the Pixel 6, Pixel 6a and Pixel 7, and it will arrive in 2023.

In the images, we can see a simple camera, a USB-C port and speakers on both the right and left edges when the tablet is held in landscape mode. Above all, we can expect a lot of work on the software part, which will not be too much to revive the Android tablet market after the failure of the Pixel Slate (under Chrome OS).

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