Google Pixel Watch: photos of a possible final version of the connected watch

Source of many rumors, Google’s Pixel Watch was found in a restaurant in the United States, then photographed from all angles. A round watch described as very comfortable by the person who posted these pictures online.

A common phenomenon with many manufacturers, product prototypes (high-tech or not) regularly come out of the laboratories for life-size user tests. At the risk of course that these are photographed, stolen or more prosaically forgotten by mistake. This is what seems to have happened a few days ago to the Pixel Watch, Google’s less and less secret connected watch, whose presentation could take place within a fortnight at the conference. Google I/O (May 11 and 12).

Described many times by users who have seen it, the Pixel Watch seems to be becoming clearer if we are to believe the latest photos taken by Reddit user tagtech414. Photos of the watch with its silicone strap – other shots of the case alone had been taken a few days earlier – which have already made the rounds on social networks, in particular via Twitter.

These photos are accompanied by a first opinion from user tagtech414, who says he is pleasantly surprised by the watch he has had the opportunity to wear on his wrist. Despite some difficulty attaching it the first time, he says he appreciates the good support offered by the bracelet, which also looks a lot like that of the latest Fitbit sensors (Charge 5, for example) – Fitbit having been acquired by Google on the 15th January 2021, that wouldn’t be a big surprise.

Tagtech414 is particularly impressed by the comfort of the watch, even calling it “most comfortable watch he has ever worn“despite its thickness which would reach about half an inch (12.7 mm) in total (sensors included), which is 2 mm more than the Apple Watch Series 7, for example. Its width would also be around 1.5 ” i.e. 38mm. Its curved and perfectly smooth rear face undoubtedly contributes a lot to the comfort felt.

The uncovered watch being locked, it is impossible to turn it on completely. However, the home screen that appears suggests rather wide borders, but which should merge with the black of the screen that we assume in AMOLED technology (like those of competing watches).

Is this really the Pixel Watch that Google could present next month? This seems very possible, especially since Google recently registered the name Pixel Watch and obtained Bluetooth certification for its connected watch, which could be available in several versions (three references are mentioned, which may however simply correspond to different regions). Probable answer within two weeks during the Google I/O.

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