Google Patient Reviews, Yelp Can Add Value To A Doctor’s Practice


June 02, 2022

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Franko declares to be the owner and founder of SurgiSurvey LLC.


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Highly ranked by search engine algorithms, Google and Yelp online reviews can be valuable to doctors and their practices.

“Google and Yelp are the most important online reviews, and they are different from everyone else” Orrin I. Franko, MD, founder of SurgiSurvey LLC and board-certified orthopedic surgeon at East Bay Hand Medical Center, Healio said. “Google, obviously, owns search. Over 90% of all online searches are done through Google, so it’s no surprise that Google will prioritize its own rankings and reviews and bring them to the top.

Franko added that reviews on Yelp will also be prioritized because it has the largest market share when it comes to online reviews.

“Patients and consumers in general are just looking for information,” Franko said. “When they see Google presenting them with information from Yelp and Google reviews, that’s what they’re going to read first. »

With their own unique reviews, Google and Yelp have a greater impact on a doctor’s practice compared to other doctor-specific review sites, such as Health Grades, Vitals, or WebMD, which will borrow reviews from different doctors. other websites, according to Franko. By providing patients with a link to their Google or Yelp profile via text or email, Franko noted that doctors can dramatically increase the number of reviews they receive from patients, which can drive more traffic to their profile and more patient referrals.

“Just keep in mind it’s a big world out there,” Franko said. “There are a lot of patients looking for doctors and even if you only capture 1% or 2% of those patients, one or two patients a week is very useful for a practice. This is how you grow and build a practice. »

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