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For a few days now, Google has made it possible to request the deletion of content available on the search engine and containing personal data (postal addresses, connection identifiers, identity documents, signature, social security number, etc.)…

Google announced last week a new possibility in terms of private data protection, with the fact of requesting the deletion of information available online (therefore on the Google search engine) and allowing a person to be identified.

This is an extension of the previous possibilities, which made it possible, for example, to request the deletion of information in the case of doxxing (hacking of personal documents) or information such as bank account or credit card numbers that could be used for financial fraud.

Today, Internet users can now request the removal of other types of information when they find it in search results, including personal contact information such as phone number, email address or physical address ( mail). The policy also allows additional information that may pose a risk of impersonation, such as confidential login credentials, to be removed when it appears in search results. Here is the official list:

  • Confidential official identification numbers, such as social security numbers in the United States, unique tax identification numbers in Argentina, CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) numbers in Brazil, resident registration numbers in Korea , China resident ID card numbers, etc.
  • Bank account numbers;
  • Credit card numbers;
  • Images of handwritten signatures;
  • Images of IDs;
  • Sensitive and restricted official documents, such as medical records;
  • Personal contact details (physical addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses);
  • Confidential login credentials.

Google explains in its official press release the following operations: “ When we receive removal requests, we evaluate all web page content to ensure that we do not limit the availability of other widely useful information, for example in news articles. We will also assess whether the content is part of the public records on government or official source sites. In this case, we will not make any deletions. It is important to remember that deleting content from Google Search will not make it disappear from the Internet. This is why you can contact the hosting site directly, if you wish.»

You can find more information about this procedure on the official online help page

Online request form for the removal of confidential content. Source: Google

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