Google may launch Pixel Buds Pro soon to compete with AirPods Pro

Google’s 2020 line of wireless Pixel headphones failed to live up to the expectations of the strong green apple competitor, the AirPods. With major downsides including pesky connection issues and shorter battery life than the competition, the US giant might finally address those pain points in the new version of the Pixel Buds.

Indeed, a pair of high-end wireless earbuds from Google are on the horizon. The Pixel Buds Pro could signify renewed efforts by Google to release a true challenger to the best wireless earbuds currently dominated by Apple’s AirPods Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro.

There is not much to glimpse in the first leaks, except the color variants of the Pixel Buds Pro: Real Red, Carbon, Limoncello, and Fog.

That said, we can assume that the next headphones will come with active noise cancellation to come up to the level of Apple and Samsung.

Although no specific date has been given, the Pixel Buds Pro will arrive sooner than we think. The closest thing that comes to mind is Google’s I/O 2022 event on May 11, though it’s mostly focused on software announcements.

Considering this is the first we’ve heard of the Pixel Buds Pro, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to see the audio product in a week. A later launch window seems more plausible.

It also remains to be seen if we are in the presence of a serious competitor for the AirPods Pro or the Galaxy Buds Pro. This is largely determined by a few factors including price, battery life, solid connectivity, and features like active noise cancellation.

However, given the Pro marking, we can assume that the next pair of headphones will have a more advanced spec sheet than the 2020 Pixel Buds.

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