Google Maps has widespread issues with voice search on CarPlay

Google Maps relies on voice search and chooses to protect you while you drive. Unfortunately, it appears that Google Maps voice search for CarPlay no longer works for a number of users and only works after several attempts.

Available for Android Auto and CarPlay, Google Maps is one of the most popular ways to get to your destination. On paper, it’s simple. Just say where you want to go, select it on the screen and go. In practice it seems to be broken for many drivers who choose to work only after failing once.

Reddit users have been reporting this strange issue, and it’s clearly not an isolated incident. The problem occurs when users turn on their car and first use Google Maps’ voice search feature. Tapping the microphone doesn’t seem to activate. If you press again it works fine.

Of those in the same boat, there doesn’t appear to be a specific model or vehicle that is affected. Rather it seems to be a luck of the draw where some users do not have this problem on one of their vehicles but experience the problem on the other. The bug is also not device-specific, with CarPlay users experiencing the same persistent Google Maps issue on multiple iPhone models.

One user commented that the problem went away at one point, only to come back again. For now there doesn’t seem to be a fix for the problem, Google has yet to acknowledge this bug. At this point, the only solution to a broken Google Maps voice search on CarPlay is to press the microphone button for voice search, wait a moment or two, and then press again for Google Maps to respond.

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