Google I/O 2022: Nest Hub Max will soon allow Google Assistant to be used without an activation phrase

Like every year, the Google I / O is an opportunity to discover the new features to come in the ecosystem of the Mountain View firm. The Nest Hub Max was notably mentioned during this 2022 edition, and will soon welcome two new features aimed at simplifying exchanges with Google Assistant. The first, called Look and Talk, should enable the assistant to be activated by looking at the screen, rather than by launching the usual “Hey Google”.

To do this, the Nest Hub Max will use Face Match and Voice Match to verify the identity of the user, but also artificial intelligence specifically developed to allow it to detect their gaze. Since it requires keeping the camera active, this feature must be activated by the user and Google specifies that the data analysis will be done directly on the device.

In addition to Look and Talk, the Nest Hub Max will also accommodate Quick Phrases previously reserved for the Pixel. They allow you to use common voice commands, again without a wake-up phrase and relying on Voice Match. Google also took advantage of this announcement to indicate that its assistant should better understand natural language, and in particular the words of hesitation, but the Nest Hub Max should not be the only device to be able to benefit from these improvements.

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