Google helps you better plan your next vacation

The health crisis has damaged the tourism industry. But fortunately, today, traveling becomes easier again (except in China?). And as summer approaches, Google has decided to launch a new set of features to help people better plan their next vacation.

We sometimes forget it, but the Mountain View company offers very interesting services to find a flight, a place to visit, or even accommodation. And this week, it is these services that it decides to beef up with 4 very interesting new features.

If you are looking for a low-cost flight, Google Flights can now help you. The service, which is used to find flights, now allows its users to receive alerts when it finds a good deal.

For example, you can fill in dates and a destination, and Google Flights will notify you when prices drop significantly. You can also only fill in a destination to know when the prices are at their lowest, in order to take advantage of it.

On Google Flights, the two buttons we’ve outlined in red allow you to receive an email notification when the service finds affordable deals. ©Google

“Starting today, you can start tracking prices to find deals for any date, and you’ll get an email if we detect lower than usual rates in the next 3-6 days. month. As they say, good things come to those who wait! »writes Richard Holden, vice president of travel products at Google.

Google also helps you find a destination, and find the neighborhood that suits you for accommodation

And if you’re looking for a destination fairly close to home, the Explore tool ( can help. When you open the site, your location is marked with a pink dot. By hovering over it, you will see an “Explore surroundings” button.

And when you press this button, Google enlarges the map while showing the various nearby destinations, as well as the duration of the journey.

Google Travel Explore

On the map, Google displays nearby destinations, as well as the driving time to get there. ©Google

Google is also improving its accommodation search tool. “Choosing which neighborhood to stay in can be difficult, but with new layers of interest on the map, you can quickly see which areas have the most options for dining, shopping or sightseeing. For more popular destinations, you can also tap “Where to Stay” under the search filters, for a handy neighborhood guide »says Richard Holden.

And finally, if you’ve found a great hotel or vacation rental, but aren’t ready yet, Google has a new bookmarking system so you can save that information for later.


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