Google has created new emojis that are much more minimalist and, in theory, more useful


These new black and white emoticons from Google are called Noto Emoji and their main feature is simplicity.

Emoticons have become a form of communication in themselves, since it is possible express feelings and emotions only with emojis no need to use text.

For this reason, the catalog of emojis available to us is growing more and more and so, after WhatsApp has expanded its portfolio of emoticons with 107 new emojis, Google has just created some new emojis that are much more minimalist and, theoretically, more useful.

Noto Emoji, the new emoticons created by Google

Just like Noto Emoji, Google’s new minimalist emoticons

Google recently posted an entry on its developer blog in which it confirms the creation of a monochrome emoji font called Noto Emojiwhose main objective is to recover an important part of what made emojis were so useful in the past: their simplicity.

As Jennifer Daniel, creative director of Google, explains in this article, over time emojis have become more and more detailed and instead of representing general concepts, more and more hyper-realistic emoticons have been designed. Initially, this shouldn’t be a negative thing, if it weren’t for the fact that it caused excluding other similar concepts on your keyboard.

Google new emojis-1

For this reason, the American giant wants to stand out from the current realistic trend, creating an emoji font that eliminates all possible details and whose objective is “to make emoji “more flexible, representing the idea of ​​something rather than what’s specifically in front of it”. For example, the dance emoji represents a specific type of dance, leaving out other dance forms like salsa, belly dancing, or boogie-woogie.

The creation of this source of emojis did not simply consist of redrawing the colored emoticons in black and white, since, the flags cannot be converted to black and white because, for example, those of Finland and Sweden would not be distinguished. For this reason, what Google did was redesign them with ISO country codes insidebecause these are specific to each country.

Google new emojis-3

As for people’s emojis, as with some of them the color was a key element to define them, such as skin tone or hair colorand it didn’t make much sense to replace the color with marks or polka dots, the big G decided resurrect mythic blobs to represent these emotes.

the drops are pleasant and nostalgic emoticons that are linked without maintaining a gender distinction. In this case, basically what Google has done is regain its essence and improve the parts that didn’t work:

“We were able to bring back some of what made them special while dropping the parts that didn’t work. In particular, the facial expressions on the blobs were very inconsistent, but this was very easily fixed in black and white mode”.

Google new emojis-2

These new emojis have light and dark mode and with a flexible font type, which allows characters appear “light” or “bold”.

You will be able to revive the mythical “blobs” of your Android mobile

I notice that Emoji is an open source emoticon fontis compatible with the latest Unicode 14.0 specification and has 3,663 emojis in total. These new emojis are now available for download on Google Fonts.

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