Google finally makes it easier to share files on Android

Android will greatly facilitate the sharing of files between different terminals. Google has indeed simplified the operation in its May update. You no longer need to approve each file shared by Nearby Share. A minor improvement, but really practical for the user.

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Every month, Google updates its Android system, through the Play Store and Services. This concerns phones, but also tablets and any terminal embedding the OS. The month of May 2022 is no exception to the rule and we can now discover the patch note.

These changes are usually minor, acting behind the scenes to make life easier for the user. However, it sometimes happens that some small visible changes appear, which is the case this month. Sharing files between different terminals has been made easier.

Google makes it easier to share files between Android smartphones

It is possible to easily share files from one smartphone to another via Nearby Share. With this new patch, communication will be even easier on two terminals sharing the same Google account.

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If the user wants to share files from one of his terminals to another, he must approve them all individually. It is now over. The use is now similar to that of Apple AirDrop, often praised for its simplicity. It’s a minor change that will only be noticed by a handful of users at first, but still worth noting. In addition to this improvement, Google has made a redesign of its Google Help application, which now adapts with the Material You design of Android 12. Again, this is a minor change.

These changes are happening in v22.15 and v30.3 versions of Google Play Services and Play Store. Everything should automatically download to your smartphone in the next few days or weeks. This update mainly brings bug fixes to improve the stability and performance of your terminals. Downloads and installations via the Play Store have also been improved to be faster. Last important point: the security of your data has also been reinforced.

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