Google enriches old Pixels, Windows 11 does video recording, this is the summary

Microsoft updates Windows 11. The operating system gets a new tool to take video screenshots. A French deputy suggests painting the roofs of cars white to fight global warming. And Google updates older Pixels. They are now compatible with the Macro Focus feature on the Pixel 7 Pro. This is the summary.

Pixel 4a

In our previous recap, we assumed the 2022 game of the year at Game prices would be Fire Ring or God of War Ragnarok. And we had hit the nail on the head. The former was named Game of the Year 2022 and won three other awards, while the latter won six awards. In the end, there wasn’t much left for the others. It was undoubtedly the winning duo of the evening. An evening also rich in news with new trailers for productions expected in 2023, including Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Diablo 4 and Final Fantasy XVI. The news on December 9 was therefore very focused on games. But it’s not just video games. Here are the other highlights.

Windows 11: a simple video screenshot tool coming soon

Microsoft is implementing an update that will change the lives of many users (especially professionals) of Windows 11. The Redmond company integrates a new version of the Haircut. This now makes it very easy to create video screenshots. No more need to install dedicated external software! For now, only insiders with access to the Dev channel can download the update. But we already tell you how this tool works.

More details : Windows 11 finally gets a built-in screen recording tool

Here’s a strange idea to fight global warming

Julien Bayou is one French deputy associated with the party Europe Écologie Les Verts. Until now, his identity was not very popular outside his constituency. But it has quite recently gained fame, especially among motorists. He introduced a bill aimed at using ” cool roofing » on cars to the fight against global warming. The aim is to prevent drivers from using their air conditioning in the summer. What is cool roofing? We explain everything to you in our full article.

More details : Global warming: this deputy wants to paint the roofs of cars white

Google enriches the visual experience of its old Pixels

Google has released a new version of Google Camera. Numbered 8.7, it is especially intended for all Pixels, from 4 to 6. And its goal is to bring new features around the image to old Google smartphones. The first is Macro Focus, which allows you to take detailed photos. Inherited from the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, it’s really very practical. Other features are integrated in this version of Google Camera. Discover them in our dedicated article.

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