Google does not want to miss the Web3 revolution and assembles a shock team

Google goes into overdrive – In parallel with the rise of cryptocurrencies and some decentralized finance (DeFi)the Web3 emerged as a new evolution of the internet. Now, more and more tech giants, such as Googlewish to take the plunge and take advantage of the enthusiasm encountered by this new ecosystem.

Google goes Web3

Google has a service called “Google Cloud”making it possible to create infrastructures that promote easy and scalable deployment.

On Friday, May 6, Friend Zaverythe vice president of Google Cloud, announced to his employees creating a team specialized in Web3.

“The world is only at the beginning of Web3 adoption. This is a market that is already showing huge potential, with many customers asking us to increase our support for Web3 and cryptocurrency-related technologies. »

This new team will be responsible for creating facilitating services setting up Web3 infrastructures. For example, Google Cloud could offer services that facilitate the deployment of blockchain nodes. These are indeed essential for the proper functioning of a decentralized application.

As Zavery explained to our colleagues at CNBC, Google does not aim to take part directly to the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. In fact, the company wants “provide the technologies that enable businesses to take advantage of the distributed nature of the Web3”.

An announcement that follows a desire already expressed last February by Alphabet CEO, the parent company of Google. He then declared ” watch carefully “ developments and wished ” sustain “ these innovations.

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War on Amazon is declared

the main competitor of Google Cloud is none other than the giant Amazon. Indeed, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a cornerstone of the internet.

This Amazon hegemony also exists in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Indeed, 68% of Ethereum full nodes are hosted on third-party services. Of these 68%, almost 45% are hosted on theAmazon Web Service.

Distribution of Ethereum nodes according to the host – Source: Ethernodes.

For its part, Google Cloud is far from reaching its ankle. In fact, only 3.7% hosted Ethereum nodes with a third-party service are at Google Cloud.

In the future, Google may well embrace cryptocurrencies more widely. In effect, Arnold Goldbergthe director of Google’s payment division, claimed to grant a lot of attention to cryptocurrencies. Attention that could lead to the addition of cryptos to the service of Google Pay !

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