Google Chrome is no longer the only browser with over a billion users

The Safari browser now has over a billion users, according to figures from Atlas VPN. Far behind Google Chrome, Apple’s browser represents nearly 20% of Internet users.

On a computer or on a smartphone, the web browser is essential. Many players are present with different approaches, emphasizing security or respect for privacy. This is particularly the case with Safari, which Apple presents as the fastest browser in the world. It also stands out by integrating privacy protection technologies and manages to stand out in this very competitive segment. Apple’s browser has just passed the symbolic milestone of one billion usersaccording to figures from Atlas VPN and statistics from GlobalStats.

Safari counts a total of 1,006,232,879 users worldwide, or 19.16% of all Internet users. It becomes the second browser to exceed one billion users.

Safari crosses a course, but it remains far from Google Chrome

Neck and neck with the Edge browser on computers, Safari widens the gap thanks to its presence on mobile devices. It is available on iOS and iPadOS in addition to being the default browser on Macs (macOS). On the other hand, it has not been more present on Windows since 2012 and should never try its luck on Android.

Detrimental absences that do not allow Apple to fight on equal terms with Google. The Internet giant crushes the competition with Chrome, counting more than 3.3 billion users worldwide. Google Chrome remains the most popular browser thanks to the aggressive strategy of the Mountain View firm. Unlike Safari or Edge, Chrome does not come pre-installed on Macs or Windows computers or even on Android. On the mobile operating system, the choice is at the discretion of the manufacturers who can sometimes offer several browsers. However, it has become common to see Chrome being available as soon as a smartphone is configured.

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Back to the fore with Edge, Microsoft is far behind with only 212,695,000 users. Redmond’s browser is advancing rapidly on computers, which could eventually help it advance on Android and iOS. In the shadow of Chrome and Safari, it’s available on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

Finally, the small surprise is perhaps not to have seen Safari cross this course more quickly. In effect, Apple has nearly two billion active devices in the world and encourages its users to stay on Safari. Despite this strategy, the browser will have taken its time before reaching one billion users.

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