Google Chat launches new Space Manager feature

Google is working to make Spaces in Chat more versatile and feature-rich. Soon, Google Chat users will be able to become Space Managers, and while it has nothing to do with controlling traffic to the International Space Station, it’s still exciting!

Google has officially announced that the company is introducing several new features and improvements to Google Chat, primarily in regards to spaces.

One of the main improvements is the new manager role that will allow some users to have better control over the Spaces feature in Google Chat. There’s also a new description feature for spaces, as well as guidelines, both of which should provide context and help people communicate safely and effectively.

The manager role provides tools to promote healthy conversations and control the availability of space within an organization. Space creators will be managers by default and can assign this role to other space members as wellwrites Google in the official article.

The manager position comes with a badge and is automatically assigned to space creators, but they can redistribute the role to other users if necessary.

The new features are already rolling out and should be available to all users in the coming weeks for both workspace and personal Google Accounts.

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