global outage prevents some electric cars from starting

A server outage briefly prevented dozens of Teslas from starting. According to Elon Musk, a network overload prevented Tesla’s mobile application, which allows you to use your smartphone as a key, to communicate with electric cars.

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Tesla was the victim ofa brief server outage this Friday, November 19, 2021. On Twitter, many drivers explain that they have not been able to start their electric car through the mobile application. Tesla allows users to start their vehicle very easily via the smartphone app. Just go to “Controls”, press “Start” and enter your Tesla account password.

In fact, many drivers have become accustomed to start their Tesla with their iPhone and Android smartphone. Before leaving home, they no longer need to bother with the car keys. Unfortunately, the server failure has upset the habits of users. This Friday evening, the app stopped responding.

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Elon Musk assures that everything is back to normal at Tesla

“I’m stuck an hour away from home because I normally use my phone to start my car”testifies a driver. “Hundreds of Tesla owners are stuck outside their cars. I am one of them. They said we would help the environment by owning an electric car, but walking is not what I thought”laughs another user.

There is no shortage of testimonials of this ilk on social networks. It was obviously a global outage. Testimonials from countries such as South Korea, the United States, Canada, Denmark, and even Germany have appeared. In some cases, users had left their key in the passenger compartment, out of reach.

Some Internet users have come into contact with Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Tesla, on his Twitter account. Promptly, the billionaire pledged to look into the situation. Shortly after, Elon Musk assured that everything should be back to normal. “It should all come back online now. It looks like we accidentally increased network traffic. Our apologies, we will take steps to ensure that this does not happen again”explains Elon Musk.

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